About us

The Cleaning Studio was founded by Amy Caris who had previously been focused on a corporate career as an accountant.

In her professional career, Amy had always been surprised by how difficult it was to find reliable help at home when needed. So Amy launched The Cleaning Studio in 2013 with a very clear vision in mind – to give people back time for the things they love!

In the past two years, Amy has built a dedicated team of cleaners and developed a long list of regular clients who enjoy the services of The Cleaning Studio.

“I absolutely love having the opportunity to help people find time for the things they love” says Amy. “I believe that in a world that gets busier by the second it can be hard to find balance in life and I’m proud to be helping people find time for the things that matter most.”

In conjunction with The Laundress, we now bring you a beautiful line of family friendly cleaning products - direct from New York City! We have personally tested various luxury product lines and have fallen head over heals in love with The Laundress! We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!